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From Marble to Stone (2021-) 

This is a growing collection of "paper sculptures" and  photograqphs, in connection to/ or from the Nagyharsányi Szoborpark. The images are my interpretation of what this place stood for in 1967 and what it has been reduced to, today. This project involves research, interviews with the artist and organisers still alive , and (hi)stories of the past. 

Some miles away from my hometown in South Hungary, there is a sculpture park called Nagyharsányi Szoborpark. Artists in the 70's worked there in form of a residency. Some years after the beginning it grew to be international, visitors and creators came from all over the world. The first Hungarians sculpting there were rebels of the Socialist regime, they did not want to contribute to usual comissions, they wanted to experiment, create, according to their own imagination. A suitable place was found for this purpose in Nagyharsány, at the foot of a stone quarry. With the turn of the 21st century, the park lost all funding, all the money which was for maintaining approximately 130 existing sculptures, as well as for comissioning new ones to be made. Ever since my first visit I have thought about my purpose in this park's life. I am grateful for all inspiration it gives me. I want to reward it by not letting it go. The photographs I make are my interpretation of something so valuble and so giant, heavy and gentle at the same time. Every time I visit I ask myself: Does art ever go out of date? I resist this notion, and photography is my primary tool to do so. I watch them, I open them up, and look into what is left there for my generation. 

The project is supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts in form of a three- year scolarship.

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