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Thought after Taught 


In search of the origins of personal understanding and by engaging with the forms of the once learned and since forgotten, I encourage my mind to wander and to question everything that surrounds us. I draw inspiration from the images of my everyday life accompanied by dreams, paintings, readings from philosophers, or by the sound of music.

All this becomes unified in the form of my photographs when printed onto the material that served good function at school: yellow sheets of exercise books, textbooks, a geography atlas and various other educational material. With passing years, and with re-evaluating and revising this knowledge, I manage to layer and combine my experience with the previously learned.

Nostalgia, curiosity and a need to preserve become an essential part of the process. I try to give a new purpose to the forgotten, I would like people to see old things in a new light.

In this work, age is guaranteed, the material that forms my beginning is already bathed within its own history.

Like water upon rocks, the knowledge that we all learn is in a process of continual erasure, paling, due to the selective process of our memory. Through dismembering books of theory, I am also re-membering the principles of algebra, geometry, biology and other fields of science, understanding them from the perspective of intuitive human experience.

By arrangements of simple lines and circles and the harmony of shape and content, I position the images upon their chosen canvas. Through the invention of flawed measurements, I amuse on the abstract pleasures of our rational minds.

rock like silk kraszkira.jpg
fairview by kirakrasz.jpg
perforated by kirakrasz.jpg
field 0 kirakrasz.jpg
sticky hands kirakrasz.jpg
Cage's horse kirakrasz.jpg
looking away from Plainville by kirakrasz.jpg
little medicine kira krasz.jpg
Sylvia kirakrasz.jpg
csir 4.jpg
Eva's balloon kirakrasz.jpg
reliance kirakrasz.jpg
cir-cullar bone kirakrasz.jpg
snail kirakrasz.jpg
willow kirakrasz.jpg
egy_gyöngyszem kirakrasz.jpg
disguised shell kirakrasz.jpg
intercontinental dive by kirakrasz.jpg
Good Morning, stretches kirakrasz.jpg
break kirakrasz.jpg
moonsurfers kirakrasz.jpg
eva and mathilde kirakrasz.jpg
jar of snail kirakrasz.jpg
clumsylittlevase kirakrasz.jpg
tapepaint by kirakrasz.jpg
sugarmelt kirakrasz.jpg
cold and folded kirakrasz.jpg
lengthofthespine scaleofexperience kirakrasz.jpg
blurred idill kirakrasz.jpg
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