Squaring each other to fit

as the space will be tiny, the days will be long (2020)

Do you remember Tetris?
This project started with the idea of our lockdown entertainment.  We had a Gameboy and the model of this game helped us through those times when we had to stay in one room from March to June 2020. George and I had so many limbs to fit together. This was the way to accept that we might not have any answers to COVID 19, but we can change the elements around ourselves, we can catch it from the right end and jiggle it into its fitting place. We had to adapt, to conform, and to contort to the limited capacity and as each of us was making space we were also claiming space. Many thanks to George Roast for his help for making this project happen.


This series will be exhibited 

until 27th March at Hangar Photo Art Center 

as part of 'The world within'